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Tepito is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Mexico City, Cuauhtemoc Delegation located in a step away from the center. is the primary point of selling drugs in the city. The market district is famous for selling millions of counterfeit items of all kinds at very low prices: DVD and CDs, clothing and accessories brand original or stolen computers, software, video games and electronic devices of all kinds.
From the cultural point of view Tepito is one with the cult of Santa Muerte. The veneration of death as something holy, by the Mexicans is now configured as a true religion. The idea of a cult with a lot of iconography and religious practices found fertile ground among a people who live in conditions of misery and uncertainty, where they often die too easily and you live constantly with the social inequality. The death becomes a spiritual figure and family, it is dedicated monthly processions, rituals and formulas propitiatory gifts.
Worship born in the sixties and came out of hiding in the nineties through the its spread in prisons and criminals today has come to be almost a hallmark of Mexican popular culture.
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